Moving to the essay

Now that you have done some research and written a literature review, the next task is to put it all together.

What is the title of your paper? You need a TITLE that helps your readers know what the paper is about.

How will you organize it?

  1. Lit Review first (secondary research)
  2. Your research methods & findings (primary research)
  3. Integrate the literature throughout the paper

What sections will your paper have?

  • Historical background
  • Methods
  • Limitations
  • Data Analysis
  • Topics Focused Sections
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion

Will you use MLA or APA?

  • Author, pg # –>the original source matters
  • Author(s), date –> timeliness of research matters

Consider a comparison of the styles as shown on this handy chart and via sample papers for APA and MLA on the Purdue OWL.

Don’t be a hit and run quoter!


There it is…Plato as roadkill. Oh no!

Don’t let this be you. ;)

As you move into your next revision, consider how you integrate direct quotes into your discussion. Here are some tips from the book They Say, I Say about the art of quoting.





Graff, G., & Birkenstein, C. (2006). They Say/I Say: The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing. W. W. Norton & Company.they say i say cover

Who are these people?

One of the challenges of writing for academic situations in making sense of what people have said on the topic and figuring out how to talk about it. This gets even more difficult when we are new to the topic and don’t know how to assess the credibility of people; some people are considered more credible than others, depending on the topic and the person’s background.

We have been diving into the debate about the role of social media on language use, and we have heard a variety of opinions, especially in regard to texting. Today, we talked about the YouTube videos that we watched last week and tried to figure out what the source types really are and how to describe them for academic writing.

Next we asked, “who are these people and why should we trust their opinions/arguments?”

We did some research related to the YouTube footage of an interview of Mignon Fogarty (AKA Grammar Girl) on the Mark Ragan Show and started with the question “Who is Grammar Girl?”

Grammar Girl Bio

about grammar girl

“Why should we trust her or the blog she created?”

QDT awards

And, “what about the vlogger Voldey?”

Voldey Homepage YouTuber Voldey